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Event Details
2022 ALS Rally

Event Overview, Day 1

The event will take place on June 11-12th, 2022 and will be a two day, overnight event packed with activities. We will be adding a “Cars and coffee” event open to the public on Sunday morning, June 4th, 2022. This will double as the event check in where we will distribute drivers packages and have professionals on site to assist you with applying decals. On the following Saturday, the rally will meet at the same location as past years at the top of Cypress Mountain. From there the event will depart on a cruise up to Kamloops where we will be staying the night at the Sandman Signature Hotel.

2022 ALS Rally

Night 1 & Day 2

That evening we will be hosting a banquet and silent auction for participants. The next morning the event will leave Kamloops and make the drive over to the Lillooet airport. We are excited to be able to provide those racing with all amenities like: Christmas tree lights (starting lights), radar guns (top speed), timing equipment (fastest pass), seating, volunteers, lunches…etc. The drag event will end late afternoon and the rally will then depart from Lillooet back down to Vancouver along arguably the best road in BC, The Duffey lake road.

Duffy Lake Road
2022 ALS Rally

Eligble Vehicles

The Sea to Sky ALS Rally is all about cause. We don’t care if you drive a supercar, classic american muscle, or a JDM icon. We accept most makes and models of cars and want to provide you with a weekend to connect with the ALS and BC car community. If you have a question about whether your car is eligible, please contact us.

2022 ALS Rally

The Cause

This year we are keeping our focus to help fund the establishment of the new ALS Center of Hope. The goal is to help fund a full time ALS specialist which would open all sorts of opportunities for the ALS community in B.C. What is currently missing is the opportunity for ALS patients in BC to participate in clinical trials leaving them with one option, bi-weekly flights to various clinics across North America to get the treatment they need. This is not only dangerous for those in the later stages of ALS, but also a massive financial burden for those who chose to fight the disease. In order to address this gap, the ALS rally hopes to help fund the establishment of: Clinical research in BC, clinical trials held in BC, as well as a Clinician/Scientist hired to champion and run the program.

2022 ALS Rally

Fund-Raising Details

The rally has reworked the registration process by implementing teams to the event. This will give participants the option to fundraise their cost of registration. Each team will be required to raise a minimum of $1,000 per team member for access to the event. This is counted per car registered to the team. This fundraising goal must be met by May 28th. We charge a flat $100 admin fee at the time of registration that will be contributed to your team’s fundraising goal. If you are planning on attending the solo, the process is the exact same, you will just be acting as your own team.

Tax receipts can be issued for all sponsorships and donations your team receives. We will have prizes for the team who fundraises the most amount of money. If you receive a sponsorship from a company who is looking for exposure, we can get decals made of their company logo in the same material as the official rally decals to be applied on your team’s cars.

Please Note: If you do not wish to fundraise, please donate to your own team the outstanding $900 and you will be issued a tax receipt for the full amount. Hotel rooms are not included in the price of registration, though you will receive a significant discount using our code which will be provided in the confirmation email once you have registered.