BudgetBall 300

A group of enthusiasts motivated to make an impact on the ALS community. Aidan Bate-Smith

The Cooke Family

The Cooke family! We’ve been supporting ALS for many years and are excited to continue

Team Ohana and Hoa

Family and friends of the Greg Smith house. Not fighting other houses for the throne,

Skrrt skrrt

Friends who like nice, shiny things that go fast. Shawn Anderson (Audi R8 Spyder).

Team Clarke

A group of Audi enthusiast from across Vancouver. Team Leader: Clint Clarke (Audi Allroad). Josh

Speedy Gordini

In honour of Gord Dey. Chas Woodyer (Range Rover SVR).

Derby Family

We’re participating in the rally for our families patriarch, Jeff Derby. Our team consists of

Mikal Anderson

Ready to out run ALS in the 1/4 mile. Mikal Anderson (Audi RS4).

Furtado Forest Products

In support for our friend Jeff Derby.


Support team Armstrong in the drive to end ALS for everyone.

Team Lindsay

Support team Lindsey in the drive to end ALS for everyone.

The Closer’s

Support The Closers in the drive to end ALS for everyone.


Support The West Van Haus Frau in their campaign to help end ALS.

TIMIA Capital

Support one of our silver sponsors on their journey to end ALS.