Rally Team 6

Armstrong friends & family

Swim Team

Dodging traffic on the way to cure ALS

Eurosport Automotive Inc

A German auto repair shop dedicated to raising funds for an important cause, and having

Gearbase Camera Rentals

Good for nuthin' film/video world dirtbags with a love for making bad life choices… in

Skrrt Skrrt

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while,

YVR Car Experiences

Group of car enthusiasts looking to make some noise this year.

Hot Pursuit

Enforcing maximum fun(draising)

Team Eclipse

Family rally for awareness

Overland Garage

Friends and guests of Overland Garage.

Evo Auto Performance

Evo Auto Performance is a complete auto performance shop located in Maple Ridge

Pole Position

Lets one up last year!


Run it back!

Team Lindsay

Rallying to raise funds for project hopefuls
Sea To Sky ALS Rally

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